Who still needs AcousticXmas Tickets??? I’ve got 12 pairs of AcousticXmas Tickets stashed away that will be made available & sold to the 12 people who’s names are randomly drawn out of the toque, one each day over the 12 Good DeeDs Days of AcousticXmas 🎄

Getting your name tossed into the toque to have a chance to have your name pulled out is pretty simple. In the effort to spread some AcousticXmas cheer this holiday season, I would love to hear about some of the good deeds & acts of kindness you folks engage in or may be inspired to do! It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about these kinds of things and I think others will be inspired as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple an act as holding a door open for someone or as involved as buying someone a coat or gloves who might be in some need of help this winter. I would just like to hear about these things, see a pic or some video & be able to spread and share some good vibes with everyone this AcousticXmas Season.

Every and all acts of kindness make our community a stronger more positive place to live and so when you tag me/send me a social media post on Twitter / Facebook or Instagram & maybe even include a picture or video I will toss your name in my toque and over the 12 Good Deeds Days of AcousticXmas start drawing names out and sell that final 12 pairs of tickets to this years Concert & AfterParty.