Net proceeds fromAcousticXmas Gift Bags support local charities such as The Living Rock Outreach Program in downtown Hamilton.

Buy. Enjoy. Give.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s AcousticXmas Special and are continuing to have an enjoyable & inspired holiday season!

gift bag includes:

• Exclusive AcousticXmas Custom Cotton GiftBag
• Official JR DiGS Acoustic Christmas Toque
• AcousticXmas Red Solo Cups & Sticker Pack
• Born & Raised Margarita Pizza
• Walter’s Caesar Mix
• Collective Arts Xmas pack including: 2 cans  Audio Visual Lager, 1 Pomegranate Sour, 1 IPA #14, 1 Circling the Sun Cider, 1 Sparkling Gin Cocktail

ONLY $40
Available while supplies last!