TV Series


The pilot for an offbeat quirky late-night talk-show featuring various guest comedy segments and mostly random comedic footage shot from the street.

2001 – 2005

An offbeat quirky late-night talk-show featuring various guest comedy segments and mostly random comedic footage shot from the street. The set which looked like JR’s basement was built to emulate the show he had been shooting for years and screening for his friends.


The most popular segment from the JR DiGS show that was featured under the credits of that series was turned into an entire full length series. JR would shoot the footage himself from his house while talking to telemarketers. It was so outrageous and spontaneous and popular with fans of the show, that this entire new series was created. Each episode featured one or two telemarketers talking to JR on the phone trying to sell him something as he turned the tables on them in the funniest ways you could ever imagine. These segment have gone on to become very popular online as well.

2005 – 2006

The grass roots and growing fan base for jr digs, finally landed this upstart in low budget Canadian television, his first legitimate nationally aired late night talk-show on Global TV as the lead in to SNL, This series features better known guests, popular music acts and a variety of outrageous spontaneously shot comedy segments. Another crappy Canadian late-night talk-show was irreverent, and made fun of everything Canadian television is or ever was. According to JR it was always crappy.


This series by JR Digs featured aspiring and unknown film makers, and the short films they shot and produced for this series. Host JR DiGS would follow with his crew every move the film makers made for the two days granted to them to shoot produce and deliver a short film and have it aired on national network television. JR’s job as the host was as you could imagine a blend of outrageous and spontaneity making the film makers task more difficult that it ever should have been. Entertaining for viewers of the show but incredibly frustrating for each of the film makers. “Welcome to show business kids”


Be Real is the TV show that makes something out of seemingly nothing and turns it into one great half-hour of drama and laughter. It is the ultimate in Reality TV… nothing planned, nothing scripted – just a regular person, a director to guide them, and the day that lies ahead. JR recieced his first Gemini nomination for his work as best host on this series.


In 2007, Digs launched What the Digs?, a mash-up style show which consisted of Digs’ previous showed mixed up, and edited in a surreal manner.


In 2011, Digs created Late Night Television with JR Digs which ran for one season.


JR DiGS took his show on the road literally as he began shooting his late-night talk-show from his 1990 ford Econoline van (talk-show set on wheels) The show was a hit and got JR digs his 2nd Gemini nomination up against the two big CBC shows of that year.


Digs created Bands from a Van during his time on the road. A spinoff of his Man with a Van show, Bands from a Van focused on musicians. Digs would interview bands and have them perform – all inside his van!